The right not to be discriminated against at work

Your rights

  • You have the right to get the salary you are promised at the time that you were promised.
  • The law says that you are not allowed to work more than five hours without a break and you have the right to 11 hours of rest between workdays. This law is called Arbetstidslagen (the law of working time).
  • Your employer must ensure that you have a good working environment.
  • You have the right to avoid all forms of discrimination and harassment.
  • The managers who have signed a collective agreement (kollektivavtal) must give you the rights and the wages that are determined in this agreement.
  • Your employer is not allowed to “lend” you to other employers or other workplaces against your will.
  • You only need to do the work you agreed on from the start. Your employer can not require for example sexual services.

It is illegal in Sweden for employers to hire people without work permits. It is also illegal for anyone without a work permit to work. BUT if you work without a work permit, you nevertheless have rights. The labor law should always be followed, even by those who employ undocumented migrants.

In Sweden there is something called “freedom of association” (föreningsfrihet). It means you have the right to join associations and those associations have the right to operate freely.

There are various unions that you can contact if you are exposed to harassment, discrimination, violence or threats of violence in your workplace, or have questions about rights workplace.

Free advice, support and information about labor:

  • SAC (syndicalist union) in Gothenburg 031-711 96 08
  • Union center for undocumented migrants 020-160 10 06
  • Göteborgs rättighetscenter (Gothenburg Rights Center) 031-788 44 60, telephone open Tuesdays 13.30-16.30, other times they answer if they can. You can also leave messages on the answering machine.
  • SAC in Stockholm 08-658 62 69, tell them that you want to talk to someone in Registret (the register), that is SAC for undocumented migrants.

Right to education

From July 2013, all children in Sweden are entitled to go to school, even undocumented. Until July 2013 children living as undocumented do not have the right to go to school. Although, in many schools the headmaster lets undocumented children attend school anyway without the school contacting the Migration Board or the police. Children of people who are in the asylum process or on other grounds applying for a residence permit have the right to go to school.