The right to a decent life

All activities and tips in this chapter are free of charge (except a few) and you do not have to give a social security number in order to participate. Remember that these are open activities which means that anyone can join.

Fitness and health

Hälsoteket offers activities such as self-help groups, walking, aerobics, stop smoking courses, courses about food and exercise, and more. Contact Hälsoteket in your neighborhood or go there to find out more:

Angered: 031-365 11 44
Address: Kultivatorgatan 4, 424 21 Angered

Kortedala / Bergsjön: 031-365 44 70
Email: anna.laursdotter.garpvall @
Address: Kortedala torg 1

Västra Frölunda: 031-366 28 64
Address: Frölunda torg


Everyone may borrow books, movies and CDs at the cities libraries. If you do not have a social security number and an address, you can not get your own library card, but libraries can solve it by an ‘administrative card “. Ask at the reception at the library. The card can also be used to borrow the computer and internet. If you have children in school they can borrow books through school department library card. Contact the library in the neighborhood where you live and they will help you.


In Gothenburg there are for example Röhska museet, Stadsmuseet (the Ciy Museum), Sjöfartsmuseet (the Maritime Museum) and Världskulturmuseet (the Museum of World Culture). At one of these museums, you can buy an annual pass for 40 kr, and then you can visit all of them. Children enter free. Museums often have a good place for children to play in.

Open preschools (Öppna förskolan)

Open preschools are available in all neighborhoods. You can go along with your young children, 0-6 years, and sing, play and drink coffee. Many of the open pre-schools are run by the Swedish Church but you are welcome regardless of religion. To find an open preschool near you, google “öppen förskola + Göteborg + (the neighborhood you live in).”


In many churches there are, for example, café and workshops. Everyone are welcome, regardless of religion.


RFSL is the National Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights. RFSL work for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people should have the same rights, opportunities and obligations as others.

At RFSL in Gothenburg there is Träffpunkt Habit, where you can go for coffee, hang out or meet someone working at RFSL. Open: Wednesdays 18.00-21.00 and Sundays 17.00-20.00.
RFSL Gothenburg 031-13 83 00
Address: Stora Badhusgatan 6, 9 floor
RFSL Borås 033-10 69 70

Stödnätet (Support network)

The support network Stödnätet is a multi-cultural association that helps women, children and adolescents. Here you can get assistance, help in dealing with the authorities or the opportunity to meet others. 031-331 21 79 or 031-331 99 02

Ingen människa är illegal (No one is illegal)

The network ”No one is illegal” works with practical support to undocumented migrants. They can help with things as accommodation, food, bus and tram card and clothing. They also organize various activities for undocumented children 070-437 75 24

Huldas hus (Hulda’s house)

Hulda’s house is a place that offers activities and support. They have groups working onthings such as textile materials, art, computer science and health care. At Hulda’s house there are telephones, computers with internet access and opportunities to wash clothes or take a shower. 031-367 96 90


Always have a valid ticket when travelling on trams and busses, so you don’t need to worry about the ticket controllers!